Mar 12, 2009

Top 10 fears continued...

we have a tie folks....getting eaten by a shark is tied with number one.
Also I am going to tie never getting married and dying a spinster alone in my apartment with parquet tiles with number 2.

Nanners top 10 fears

Inspired by David Letterman I sat here and thought of my top 10 fears.
Just in case you are wondering this is what runs through my head while watching t.v, waiting for the bus, peeing.

10. Burning my forehead with a curling iron or straightener.
9. Shitting my pants in public
8. Falling out of the door on the subway while its moving.
7. Being locked in an airplane bathroom...again.
6. Chopping off my eyelashes by using a broken lash curler...again
5. Having to take cotton out of a container of Tylenol. (I can't touch cotton balls)
4. Getting drunk and having unprotected sex with a homeless person on a dare and not remembering.
3. Being tricked into eating a cat or dog when someone told me it's chicken
2. Growing a giant zit on my forehead that looks like it's ready to pop but it never does and never goes's a part of me.
1. Getting on the bus and someone insisting I take their seat because they think I am pregnant but I am not.